Have You Met Your Neighbor?


Have you heard of NextDoor.com?  I recently discovered NextDoor.com (recommended by a fellow realtor) and I signed up for my own local home neighborhood.   That was about 4 weeks ago but I waited to see how well it performed before I dared put out a recommendation to the rest of the world.  Now is the time!  Already I have met new neighbors and seen posts from my local neighbors with recommendations ranging from plumbers to roofers to dog walkers to gardeners and even to local free music performances. I even used one of the recommended service people at my rental property and was very pleased with the results. Our San Diego police use the website to post break in and missing persons alerts!  Over the past month, I have found lots of quite useful info on local neighborhood events and home repair services recommendations.  If you haven’t checked it out, I am personally to you, highly recommending that you see this link:   https://nextdoor.com/about_us/

NextDoor.com is a private, localized social network only for you and your neighbors. It is running in every major city so if your job moves you around frequently, you can just change your address/zip code and get lots of useful info and recommendations for your new neighborhood!  And better yet, it is a free, secure network.  Nextdoor’s mission is to use the power of technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods. Connect with your neighbors to stay informed, find services and share local information with each other.

Cheers – Peg


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