Optical Lattice Clocks,1 Sec Every 300 Million Yrs!!!

Optical Lattice Clock

Scientists say they have found a more accurate way to measure time.

We currently use atomic clocks to count the seconds, but tests on an alternative atomic timekeeper have revealed that it is more precise.

The devices, called optical lattice clocks, lost just one second every 300 million years – making them three times as accurate as current atomic clocks.

We once used the Earth’s rotation to measure time, where one spin equates to a day.  But because our planet wobbles on its axis as it rotates, some days can be shorter or longer than others.

The atomic clock has proved to be a far more accurate method of keeping the world on time and since the 1960s has been used to define a second in the International System of Units (SI units).  But now scientists say the optical lattice clock could improve the precision.  Just as a grandfather clock uses the swing of a pendulum to measure intervals of time, an atomic clock uses the very regular “vibrations” of atoms.

courtesy of:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/


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