The Money You Save Could Be Your Own!

AT&T:  $105 Million in Penalties and Fines. Reason: Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in “unauthorized charges were billed to you and me.”

Their position: It is up to the consumers to spot unauthorized charges on their bill. The charges were such as service fees, voice mail and membership.

The settlement established many new rules for the phone companies. Why did the phone companies do this? They receive about 35% of the fees.

Were you an AT&T customer anytime since January 2009? Go to the FTC’s Website [] or call the settlement administrator at 877-819-9692. The money you save could be your own!

Why did ATT do this? There were Hundreds of Millions in charges and one Hundred Million in damages.  Do the math?  This is what an intelligent judge friend of mine called “Efficient Breach.” Do the deed and wait for the audit or court date and still be money ahead.

For more information, read the outstanding article in the LA Times by David Lazarus at He does some real good work.

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