Fear of Spiders Is Cut Out of Man’s Brain During Surgery for Seizures


Not all medical side effects are scary. A man who had brain surgery in Brighton, England, came home to find that he had been unexpectedly cured of his extreme arachnophobia. The patient was suffering from seizures related to a rare condition called sarcoidosis, and his doctors had decided to remove his damaged left amygdala. After the surgery, the man realized that he was fascinated rather than terrified of spiders—he would happily pick up the same tiny creatures he used to try to smash with tennis balls, New Scientist reported in October. The doctors think this might be because the amygdala (seen in red above) is linked to emotions, and cutting out the left section removed the man’s panic response.

4 thoughts on “Fear of Spiders Is Cut Out of Man’s Brain During Surgery for Seizures

  1. It seems this story has now made it around the world. The brain surgery actually took place nine years ago and was originally advised by the doctors because of a suspected brain tumour which turned out to be a build up of white cells due to sarcoidosis. Although the fear of spiders disappeared, some pretty severe depression set in and it took 5 to 6 years to settle back down and start enjoying life once again. Nine years on, despite a brief scare with skin cancer all is going well and due to the hard work of a wonderful wife and children and most of all the support and blessing of our God Jehovah we are all doing well.
    Brighton, England


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