Choreographers Corner- Trolley Dances 2015: Suzanne Forbes-Vierling

The Art of Sexy Smart Dance

Suzanne FV

2015 is going to be an extra spectacular year for Trolley Dances! We’ve got new forms of public transportation in the mix, and dance in iconic spaces at Balboa Park! It is all happening September 26th-27th, and October 3rd-4th. Joining us for Trolley Dances 2015: Catch the Rapid is local West African/contemporary choreographer Dr. Suzanne Forbes-Vierling. Suzanne has been making high energy, physically dynamic dance since 1982. With live drumming to compliment her Trolley Dances piece, her work is sure to bring down the house and have you dancing along! She has taken the time to share a little bit about her first-time Trolley Dances experience with us.

What is your past experience with Trolley Dances?
None! I’ve known about this fabulous event and I always thought – how exciting, how interesting to be the audience member to move and travel to a setting that the dancers have adapted to.


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