World’s Best Mountain Lodges – Patagonia, Chile

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & SpaPatagonia, Chile


Perched on a bluff on the edge of Chile’s Lake Sarmiento, Tierra Patagonia celebrates all that is majestic about its surroundings, while offering a space where comfort reigns. With enormous windows everywhere, the lakes and peaks of Torres del Paine National Park are a constant and awe-inspiring backdrop. Exploring the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site just outside the front door is a priority at Tierra Patagonia, but so is finding the space and serenity to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

A wide variety of excursions, led by mostly Chilean guides, allows guests to discover the beauty and diversity of Patagonia, visit gauchos on their ranches, and explore the surrounding grasslands. You can spend the day hiking to spectacular mountain vistas, return for a swim or a massage in the spa, and end the day with a fantastic meal and a glass of Chilean wine as the sun sets on the rocky pinnacles of the Torres del Paine.      read more —>


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