Pros and Cons of Alternative Countertops

Looking for something more unique than granite in your kitchen and bathrooms?  These beautiful alternatives are sure to make a statement.


The Pros

Wood is readily available, sustainable, comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes, and is fairly affordable.

The Cons

Natural finishes require oiling and you must also be vigilant to keep the surface dry.


The Pros

Softer stone than granite, easier to cut and work with, heat resistant, durable, sustainable, and beautiful.

The Cons

Easily scratched and stained.


The Pros

Durable, dense, ages well, and cost effective.

The Cons

Rough texture, requires maintenance, and doesn’t come in a wide range of colors.


The Pros

Extremely durable and very scratch, stain, and heat resistant.

The Cons

Can discolor over time if in direct sunlight, may not look as seamless as granite when covering a large space since they are usually manufactured in pre-determined sizes.

Ceramic Tile

The Pros

Heat resistant, comes in every color imaginable.

The Cons

Grout can become easily stained, counter surface is uneven, and tiles can often crack.


The Pros

Very durable if sealed, heat resistant, and a wide variety of textures.

The Cons

Can be easily stained with water or heat damage if not stained, not many color options, can seem outdated.


The Pros

Heat, stain, and germ resistant, and very customizable.

The Cons

Can chip or break depending on tempering, may show fingerprints.

Stainless Steel

The Pros

Heat and germ resistant, modern.

The Cons

Will show scratches and fingerprints, can be very noisy.

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