Architecture’s Beauty – Peacock Room, Italy

Peacock Room Castello di Sammezzano, Italy, FascinatingPlacesInTheWorld, FB

Peacock Room, Castello di Sammezzano, Italy

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Hearts of Homes In Kitchens Around The World – Pakistan

Kitchens may differ drastically around the world, but their role as the center of a home is universal. Whether makeshift or filled with modern appliances, kitchens are a space for family bonding, holiday traditions and child rearing.

kitchens_Pakistan, HunzaFamily Bonding

A family makes chapati sprinkled with apricot oil in their home in Pakistan’s Hunza region. Meals are an important family get together for the Hunza people.

Photograph by Matthieu Paley, National Geographic

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Mission San Luis Rey de Francia – Oceanside, CA

San Luis Rey Mission, Joliffe, FB

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

The 18th of the California Missions
Founded: June 13, 1798
Special Designation: King of the Missions
Named For: King Luis IX of France, who led crusades to the Holy Land in the 13th century.
Also Called: Mission San Luis Rey

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A Child’s Play In Hong Kong

Hong Kong, High Rise Playground

Photograph by Wing Ka H., National Geographic Your Shot

Against the backdrop of a high-rise as colorful as the ball court, a child in Hong Kong lets off some steam after school … Colors are vibrant throughout the city:  In addition to its candy-colored high-rises, Hong Kong’s taxis are color-coded by service region, and the city’s Pearl River Delta is home to the uniquely hued Chinese white dolphin.

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Arctic Surfing, NatGeo

Surfer, Arctic, Norway, NatGeoPhotograph by Konsta Linkola, National Geographic Your Shot

Surfers wait for the perfect icy swell at this seemingly unlikely surfing spot:  Unstad Beach in Norway’s Lofoten Islands, captured in this image by Konsta Linkola. “We were hit by a blizzard as we were approaching the beach,” Linkola writes, “which made the surfing more extreme.”

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