NatGeo’s 9 Best Fall Escape Trips in the U.S.


 Take to the Skies at the Albuquerque, New Mexico International Balloon Fiesta 

WHY GO: Take in the gorgeous New Mexico landscape and delicious New Mexican cuisine while enjoying the spectacle of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which takes places every year in October.

WHAT TO EAT: Get the red chile pork ribs at El Pinto. For a classic chile relleno, visit Mary and Tito’s Café.

PRACTICAL TIP: Most New Mexican restaurants will ask whether you want red or green, for which kind of chili you want. To get both, just say Christmas.

FUN FACT: The Albuquerque balloon festival is the largest hot-air balloon festival on Earth.


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10 Awesome Music Festivals Around The World This Summer

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It’s getting hot up here in the Northern Hemisphere. With summer fully upon us, people are soaking up the sunshine, showing some skin, and planning adventures near and far, including trips to the sweatiest of summer traditions: music festivals.

Before you bust out your flower headdress and head to Lollapalooza, check out what else the world has to offer. Here are 10 music festivals across the globe that can offer a unique—and potentially more meaningful—travel experience.

Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica
July 17-23, 2016

Billed under the slogan “Our Music, Our Festival,” Jamaica’s biggest festival is held every year in Montego Bay, kicking off with an annual beach party and an all-white dress code party followed by days of music from some of the biggest acts in the homeland of reggae.

Lineup highlights: Stone Love, Beenie Man, Super Cat

Alfa Future People in Russia
July 22-24, 2016

Held in the Russian countryside, six hours east of Moscow by car, Alfa Future People is more than a massive EDM (electronic dance music) festival, with exhibitions on the latest in technology and athletic opportunities like a volleyball tournament and aerial gymnastics classes.

Lineup highlights: Armin Van Buuren, Axwell and Ingrosso, Martin Garrix

Fuji Rock in Japan
July 22-24, 2016

This event held every year at Japan’s Naeba Ski Resort might be the music festival surrounded by the most stunning natural beauty of any in the world. Hikes between stages will lead you through green cathedral forests and cool mountain streams. Or you can hitch a ride on the Dragondola—the longest gondola on Earth.

Lineup highlights: Beck, Wilco, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals

Splendour in the Grass in Australia
July 22-24, 2016

It may be winter in Byron Bay, Australia, but it is still summertime in the Northern Hemisphere! Besides, winter in Byron Bay is like winter in Hawaii, so you don’t need to leave behind your flip-flops and board shorts. Splendour in the Grass includes great live music plus additional draws like the Global Village, talks from thought leaders on science, politics, and more, and the Splendour Comedy Club.

Lineup highlights: The Strokes, the Cure, Band of Horses, Sigur Rós

Baleapop in France
August 8-11, 2016

This four-day festival with a focus on art, music, and openheartedness takes place on the stunning beaches of French Basque country in the city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Baleapop organizers seek to foster connections between people through musical performances and contemporary art installations, while keeping the event affordable, environmentally friendly, and open to all.

Lineup highlights: Suuns, Shackleton

In the Mix in the Philippines
August 18, 2016

A brand-new festival this year, In the Mix offers the chance to experience one of the most underappreciated cities in Southeast Asia: Manila. The Philippines’ capital is widely, and rightly, known for being crowded, polluted, and hectic but there’s a rich history and culture hiding in plain sight if you know what to look for, plus some one of the warmest, most fun-loving people you’re likely to ever meet.

Lineup highlights: The 1975, Panic! at the Disco, James Bay

Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival in Oklahoma
September 2-4, 2016

If you really want to get off the beaten path, check out this all-night blues festival in tiny Rentiesville, one of Oklahoma’s few surviving historically all-black towns. Night owls dig the blues from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. for three days straight.

Lineup highlights: Joanna Connor, Johnny Rawls

Bestival in England
September 8-11, 2016

Held annually on the beautiful and bucolic Isle of Wight in the south of England, this midsize gathering of around 50,000 is widely considered among the best festivals in Britain. Bestival is known for its eccentric, alternative feel (jump in the world’s biggest bouncy castle!) and commitment to environmental issues.

Lineup highlights: Major Lazer, Wiz Khalifa, Diplo, Animal Collective

K-Pop World Festival in South Korea
September 30, 2016

K-Pop is hardly outside the mainstream but this festival is still unlike any other. After surviving preliminary rounds in countries around the world, finalists and fans gather in Changwon, South Korea, for high-energy, upbeat performances and to select the next K-Pop stars.

Lineup highlights: TBD

Lake of Stars in Malawi
September 30-October 2, 2016

This arts and music festival held annually on the shores of Lake Malawi in southern Africa promises a truly unique experience. Lake of Stars brings together Malawian artists with creatives from around the world for a weekend of music, dancing, and positive vibes that infuses $1.5 million into the local economy.

Lineup highlights: Freshlyground, Faith Mussa, Flo Dee

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The Meaning Behind the Many Colors of India’s Holi Festival

Two friends play in the color-soaked mud in Mathura City, India

India Holi Fest Colors

From red to green to indigo, each color provides festival-goers with a sense of beauty, ritual and tradition.  If you land in India anytime in late February or March, it’s wise to check the dates of the annual Holi festival, and bring a spare set of clothes. That’s because for a few days in spring, people crowd the streets and splash brilliantly colored dyes on anyone walking by. It’s hard to avoid the fun—and paint—unless you stay inside or look menacing enough to discourage the custom …

Holi represents the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil. It is also said to be the enactment of a game the Hindu god Lord Krishna played with his consort Radha and the gopis, or milkmaids. The story represents the fun and flirtatiousness of the gods but also touches on deeper themes: of the passing of the seasons and the illusory nature of the material world … With its gorgeous textiles, exotic flowers, exuberant advertising billboards, hand-painted rickshaws and trucks covered with lights, patterns and brightly painted pictures of gods, India is one of the most colorful places on the planet.

But there’s something else to know about colors here. They are not just pretty: In India they have meaning In Hinduism there are three main deities: Brahma the creator, Shiva the destroyer and Vishnu the preserver.

Vishnu spends eternity sleeping, until when called upon in a crisis, he wakes and like the most powerful of superheroes saves the world. One name for him is Nilakantha, the blue-necked one, because of a story that he drank a pot of poison to save creation. So BLUE is a reminder that evil exists but can be contained, through courage and right actions.

Krishna is a manifestation of Vishnu. His name means “dark,” and like Vishnu he is portrayed with blue skin … In addition to being associated with the gods, blue—through the indigo dye—is also historically linked with India.

If blue is the spiritually complex color of the gods, GREEN is the color of nature and happiness. It’s the color of another manifestation of Vishnu, Prince Rama, who spent most of his life in exile in the forest. In Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh in central India, married women often wear green bangles and a green sari in Rama’s honor … There is no naturally green dye in India, so dyers would often double dip their cottons and silks in indigo and in turmeric or pomegranate peel, which made vivid yellow dyes.

YELLOW is also associated with the third caste, of Vaisyas, or merchants. The 3,500-year-old Rig Veda book of sacred hymns refers to Lord Vishnu as tantuvardhan, or weaver, because he is said to have woven the rays of the sun into a garment for himself. He and Krishna are almost always shown dressed in yellow. In paintings of these deities, artists in India sometimes used one of the stranger pigments in history: Indian yellow … Through the 18th and 19th centuries, wooden boxes of this strange-scented pigment would arrive at the London docks. When the colormen, whose job was to process and sell paint to artists, picked up the deliveries, they had little idea of how it was made or what it was. Just that it made a fairly good watercolor, even though it was rubbish in oil.

And then there is RED … the ruins of Mohenjo Daro, in what was then northern India … the Indus Valley … the world’s largest Bronze Age urban settlement … a team of archaeologists did a thorough excavation and, among the artifacts, discovered a fragment of cotton fiber stuck to an ancient silver vase. The fiber most likely had been bright red—or perhaps bright orange or deep purple—and had been dyed from the root of the madder plant … Woven 4,300 years ago, it is the oldest piece of decorated cotton cloth ever found. Its presence, together with dye vats from a similar period found nearby, joyfully suggests that ancient India must have been as full of brilliant color as modern India is.

“Color is a physical thing: It’s not just a surface,” said the British artist Anish Kapoor in a BBC interview, in explaining his bold use of primary colors. “… It’s that sort of interplay between the ‘stuffness’ of color and its illusory, somewhat evasive, ‘other’ qualities that much of the work is about.”

You might say something similar about how colors work in India. On the surface, they provide pleasure as well as useful signals of tradition and ritual.  But if we’re attentive, colors in India also remind us of that which is easy to forget:  the evasive nature of matter, and of our own special relationship with light, whatever that light may be.

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June 5 – July 5, San Diego County Fair 

Start your summer at the 2015 San Diego County Fair – Friday, June 5 through Sunday, July 5 (closed Mondays and the first two Tuesdays). For centuries, people across the world have traveled to World’s Fairs to celebrate innovations, art and agriculture. In 1915, people flocked to San Diego for the Panama-California Exposition, held in Balboa Park. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of this milestone event, and the history and influence World’s Fairs have had on the modern-day, the 2015 San Diego County Fair theme is A Fair To Remember: A Celebration of World’s Fairs and Balboa Park.

Time: visit website for details

Location: Del Mar Fairgrounds – 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, CA 92014

For more info: 858.755.1161 or visit

June 5 – 7, San Diego Greek Festival

St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church invites you to join the annual Greek Festival. Sharing our heritage, culture, music, traditions, customs and culinary skills with you, our neighbors and friends in San Diego and Southern California.

Time: visit website for details

Location: 3655 Park Boulevard, SD, CA 92103

For more info:  619.297.4165 or visit

June 5 – 6, San Marcos Rock, Blues & BBQ Festival 

After 15 years of holding their event in Allen’s Wrench parking lot, the Allens decided to join with the City of San Marcos and let their event grow. This will be the 5th year with the city of San Marcos and the Allens are happy to see their event growing. Come join the fun!

Time: 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Location: 31950 Sycamore Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069

For more info:

June 6, Walk To Cure Arthritis

Symptoms of arthritis include pain, fatigue, and inflammation. A good way to help combat arthritis is to walk. Walking moves the muscles and lubricates the joints for more flexibility. So, let’s move together by participating at this walking event. Proceeds benefit the Arthritis Foundation.

Time: 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Location: Liberty Station

For more info: Nancy Coate @ (858) 492-1090 x-6711 or visit

June 6 – 14, 2015 World Famous Mud Run at Camp Pendleton

Even more obstacles packed for 2015 than ever before! For the Hard Corps runner, test your skills on the original 10K course. This course includes military obstacles that will get your juices pumpin’. Keep the traditions going strong by tackling the original World Famous Mud Run.

Time: visit website for details

Location: MCB Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

For more info:

June 8, 19th Annual Gerry Wilson Golf Classic

There is “a hole lotta fun” of golf at a premier golf and lifestyle club in Solana Beach. Proceeds from the tournament help the BBB Foundation, a 501(c)3, expand the free services and programs it offers to the over 3 million consumers living in San Diego. The BBB and its Foundation serve to protect consumers and help ethical businesses succeed.

Time: 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM

Location: 1505 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach

For more info: 858.451.8100 or visit

June 10, Discovery Lab! – Mudflat Madness

TRNERR invites the community to a series of open houses to excite and engage the minds of your entire family. Discover what wiggles, crawls, and squirms in your backyard all-you-can-eat mudflat buffet.

Time: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Location: 301 Caspian Way, Imperial Beach, CA 91932

For more info: 619.575.3613 or visit

June 11, Fashion Week San Diego Viva La V Series

Join Fashion Week San Diego at the beautiful La Valencia Hotel for our 3rd Viva La V event of the year!! Guests will enjoy an afternoon of fun, food, and fashion while sipping on their favorite cocktail and culinary masterpieces from the executive chef, James Montejano.

Time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Location: 1132 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA 92037

For more info: 858.270.9466 or visit

June 13, San Diego Oysterfest

The 6th Annual San Diego Oysterfest brings an amazing live music performance to the beautiful bayside setting of Marina Embarcadero North. 2015 Headliner is Thievery Corporation.

Time: 12:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Location: 500 Kettner Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101

For more info:

June 13 – 14, Annual Inter-Tribal Powwow

Join the San Luis Rey Band of Luiseño Mission Indians for the 18th Annual Inter-Tribal Powwow with arts and craft booths, food, dancers, drums, an opportunity drawing and contest dancing.

Time: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Location: 4050 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA 92057

For more info:

June 14, Wild Horse Tail Half Marathon & 10K

The Wildhorse Trail Half Marathon and 10K is brought to you by and is the second in the Half Marathon and Progressive Race Series.

Time: 7:00 AM

Location: 2234 Wueste Road, Chula Vista, CA 91915

For more info:

June 18 – 21, San Diego International Boat Show

Whether you’ve been yearning for a yacht, coveting a family cruiser, or anxious to dive into the exciting and healthy world of paddle sports, now is the time to make that dream a reality with boats for sale in addition to dozens of booths showcasing the newest nautical gear, gadgets and accessories.

Time: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Location: 1380 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

For more info:

June 19 – 21, San Diego International Beer Festival

With more than 400 beers from around the world to choose from, beer aficionados will enjoy hard-to-find specialty craft brews alongside favorites from our local brewing scene. Specialty vendors will be selling a variety of accessories and gifts for the beer lover – from unique apparel to beer dog bones!

Time: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Location: 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, CA 92014

For more info:

June 20, Fairy Festival

Fairies! Come celebrate summer at the Hamilton Children’s Garden. Wear your fairy costume or come just as you are. Create a fairy house, make fairy treasures, leave messages on the wishing bush, or shop in the Fairyland market. Be sure to bring your camera for a picture with the Fairy Princess.

Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Location: 230 Quail Gardens Dr., Encinitas, CA 92024

For more info:  760.436.3036 or visit

June 21, Father’s Day Paintball

Give your dad a Father’s Day gift to remember this year. Forget the socks and tools; give your Dad an adrenaline rush paintball experience. Hit the paintball field with DAD for a day!

Time: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Location: 1699 Main Street, San Diego, CA 92113

For more info:  619.363.2827 or visit

June 26 – 27, Real Hypnosis, Real Funny

Laugh until you hurt, gasp in amazement with Marshall Sylver, the greatest hypnotist of all time! Blending hilarious entertainment with his jaw-dropping hypnotic expertise into a one of a kind dynamic theatrical production filled with laughter, music, dance and amazement. Past life regression, time travel, walking on broken glass and more!

Time: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Location: 121 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101

For more info:  619.363.2827 or visit 

June 27, Distilled:  San Diego Spirit & Cocktail Festival

New for 2015, the San Diego County Fair presents Distilled: San Diego Spirit & Cocktail Festival, Saturday, June 27 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM in the famed Paddock, Red Star Café, Paddock Tavern and 17 Hands Restaurant.

Time: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Location: 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, CA 92014

For more info:  858.755.1161 or visit


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March 05, Montgomery Waller Community Park Carnival 4-Day Event

Come for the fun of it! Bring your friends to a carnival at Montgomery Waller Community Park where persons of all ages are having a good time. Attractions include traditional carnival rides and games, snacks, and a computer portrait novelty booth.

Time: refer to website

Location: Montgomery Waller Community Park (3020 Coronado Ave.)

For more info.: contact Tom Brown @ (760) 735-8542 or visit


March 06, Super Diamond – The Neil Diamond Tribute

Singing along to “Sweet Caroline” and “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show” is so addictive now, you’d do anything to see Neil on stage. A band out of San Francisco can put a rest to that Diamond thirst.  Super Diamond delivers a high-octane Diamond tribute show that rocks!

Time: 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Location: 143 S Cedros, Solana Beach, CA 92075

For more info.: call 858.481.8140 or visit


March 07, Finish Chelsea’s Run

Chelsea King was an avid cross country runner who tragically lost her life while on a training run at Lake Hodges. You can finish her run. It’s a 5K run/walk. A post-festival accompanies the event with light refreshments, music, and merchandise.

Time: 5:00 am – 11:00 am

Location: refer to website For more info.: contact Kristie Grover @ (760) 877-2077 or visit


March 07, Colon Cancer Alliance Undy Run/Walk

Colon cancer can affect anyone at any age, but most often people age 50 or older. The purpose of this 5K run/walk is to bring awareness about the importance of colon screening and early detection. There is also a 1-mile memorial walk. Come and join medical personnel and others at this event.

Time: 8:00 am – 9:30 am

Location: East Mission Bay Park

For more info.: contact Stephanie Marcos @ (202) 628-0123 x117 or visit


March 08, San Diego Half Marathon Athletes get ready to run! There’s a half marathon and a 5K to choose from. The course begins and ends at Petco Park and travels through the Gaslamp Quarter, Port District, Liberty Station, Hillcrest, and Balboa Park. This event is in conjunction with the San Diego Gaslamp Block Party.

Time: 7:00 am – 1:00 pm

Location: refer to website For more info.: contact Susan Briggs @ (619) 333-6786 or visit


March 14, St. Patrick’s Day 10K & 4-Mile & 2-Mile Run/Walks  In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, participants are encouraged to wear an Irish-themed costume or something green. You can choose between a 10K run, 4-mile run/walk, or a 2-mile run/walk. There are awards in each age division and an award for the best Irish-themed costume.

Time: 7:30 am – 10:00 am

Location: refer to website

For more info.: contact Kathy Loper @ (619) 298-7400 or visit


March 14, St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival Come celebrate Ireland with the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival. With more than 120 parade entries and thousands in attendance, this has become one of the largest single-day events in San Diego.

Time: 9:00 pm – 6:00 pm Parade starts at 10:30 am

Location: 5th & 6th Avenues, between Juniper and Upas

For more info.: visit


March 14, Shamrock 2015 2-Day Event Irish eyes are smiling at this Saint Patrick’s Day festival. Come and mingle amid a happy crowd for a joyous evening filled with an Irish flavor of entertainment, dancing, food, drink, shamrocks, and more. As you saunter up to the pub, be sure to wear something green so you won’t get pinched!

Time: 4:00 pm – 11:59 pm

Location: refer to website For more info.: contact Laurel McFarlane @ (619) 233-5008 or visit


March 19, The Art of Music – Susan Narucki This is the third concert in the monthly Art of Music Concert Series, presented in conjunction with the Museum’s 2015 initiative The San Diego Museum of Art Celebrates 100 Years of Art in Balboa Park, and the centennial exhibition The Art of Music (opening Sept. 2015).

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: 1450 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101  For more info.: call 619.232.7931 or visit


March 21, San Diego Race for Autism 

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects normal brain development of social and communication skills. About one in 50 children are diagnosed with autism each year. The event is a 5K run/walk and a 1-mile walk at Balboa Park. A resource fair is accompanied by the event.

Time: 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Location: refer to websiteFor more info.: contact Sharon Leon @ (858) 679 8800 or visit


March 22, Hot Chocolate 5K & 15K The event is a 5K and 15K race that begins and ends at Petco Park and travels through downtown, Golden Hill, and North Park. Both courses provide a good workout. Afterwards, participants can enjoy a post-race party with music, hot cocoa, and treats dipped in delicious chocolate fondue.

Time: 6:30 am – 11:00 am

Location: refer to website For more info.: contact Joel Griesbach @ 619-308-6472 or


March 28, San Diego Crew Classic Rowing Regatta 2-Day Event It’s the largest rowing regatta for eight-person shells in the world. Competitors are collegiate, junior, and master athletes from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe. A trade show accompanies the event with food, beer, and memorabilia.

Time: 7:30 am – 6:30 pm

Location: West Mission Bay (Crown Point Shores) For more info.: contact Darlene Disney @ (619) 225-0300 or visit


March 28, Act Today 5K Athletes are you ready? There’s a 10K, 5K, and a 1-mile Fun Run. Proceeds help to provide care and services for military families who have an autistic child and are unable to afford the cost. Post-event festivities include music, food, drink, and inflatable jumpers.

Time: :30 am – 11:00 am

Location: East Mission Bay Park  For more info.: contact Nancy Jackson @ (818) 340-4010 or


March 28, Bikes & Beer San Diego Bikes & Beers SD is a casual, fun ride through central San Diego.  The ride will begin at 10 AM and is approx. 20 miles going through and around Downtown, Balboa Park, Hillcrest, Old Town, Sunset Cliffs, and San Diego Bay.  There will be pit stops for snacks, water, and rest during the ride and at the conclusion will be two great pints of San Diego beer.  The post-event festivities will be held at Quartyard in the heart of Downtown San Diego.  Quartyard is an outdoor event space and we’ll have food trucks, a beer garden, local bike shops and businesses, speakers, and music to enjoy the sunshine and great company. This event supports BikeSD, a bicycle advocacy organization working to make San Diego a world-class city for biking.

Time: 9:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Location: 3812 Grim Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104 For more info.: contact Darlene Disney @ (619) 225-0300 or visit


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IVAN SOLIS, JR. / Title 365 / Sr. Sales Executive / eMail: / 8880 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 102, San Diego, CA 92108 /  Phone:  619.804.9000


Just People – Scandinavia

The Samis, the indigenous people of Scandinavia, traditionally are reindeer herders. The Jokkmokk Winter Market, now going for more than 400 years, is a traditional festival and popular meeting place for the Sami people.


February 1 – 28, Museum Month:  Half-Off Admission 

Macy’s Museum Month is back this February!  San Diego residents and visitors are invited to enjoy half-price admission at 45 museums during February. To take advantage of this great cost savings you must pick up a Museum Month Pass at any Macy’s store in San Diego, Temecula or Imperial Valley.


February 1, Red Trolley Classic Criterium

Around and around they go! Amateur and professional cyclists as well as wheelchair athletes will race upon a circular course to see who is the fastest.

  • Time: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Location: Sorrento Mesa (Waple & Hunnekens St.)
  • For more info.: contact Sean B. @ 619.865.3389 or visit


February 5, Culture & Cocktails: Havana Nights

Open-air bazaars, ocean-front walkways, bright colors, crumbling colonial architecture, and salsa music booming through the streets.


February 5 – 8, Farmers Insurance Open 2015

Mark your calendars now, because one of golf’s biggest events of the year, the Farmers Insurance Open, returns to San Diego in 2015. Torrey Pines Golf Course, 11480 North Torrey Pines Rd.


February 6 – 15, SDJT Presents: Flight of the Lawnchair Man

Jerry Gorman is a regular guy from Passaic, New Jersey who just wants to fly. The neighbors think he’s nutty, but his girlfriend Gracie believes in him.

  • Time: 7:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Price: $11 – $15
  • Location: 3366 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92103
  • For more info.: call 619.239.8355 or visit


February 07, Mermaid San Diego Run 5K, 10K and Half Marathon 

This running and walking event is designed specifically for women who are looking for a supportive exercise experience.

  • Time:  7:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Price:  $35 (5K) ~ $45 (10K) ~ $55 (Half Marathon)
  • Location: East & West Mission Bay
  • For more info.:  call Carlo Facchino @ 408.314.1718 or visit


February 11, Cooking Class and Dinner: Romance on the Beach

Join Executive Chef Bernard Guillas and Chef de Cuisine Ron Oliver for an exciting cooking demonstration where you’ll learn to tips and tricks to a three-course menu featuring Local Organic Mushroom Gateau, Brittany Lobster en Cocotte and Valrhona Lava Cake.

  • Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Price: $75 per person
  • Location: 2000 Spindrift Dr., La Jolla, CA 92037
  • For more info.:  call 858.459.7222 or visit


February 12, Circus Vargas 11-Day Event

Come to the circus! Enter the big tent where there is lively music and thrilling exploits of human stars rendering unparalleled artistry and comical acts. See silly clowns, trampoline acrobatics, balancing acts, and aerial ballet.

  • Time:  7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
  • Price: $20 – $65
  • Location: East & West Mission Bay
  • For more info.: call 877.468.3861 or visit


February 13 – 15, Valentine’s Day Weekend Cruises

Find romance between the sea and sky with San Diego Valentine’s dinner and brunch cruises from Hornblower. You’ll enjoy spectacular Bay views with famous San Diego landmarks, wonderful food to choose from with our special Valentine’s Day menus and music for dancing.


February 17, Gaslamp Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a celebration of Fat Tuesday as held in New Orleans. This Mardi Gras is open to adults (age 21+) mingling in masked revelry. Be sure to catch handfuls of shiny beads as they’re tossed from a float parade!

  • Time: 5:00 PM – 11:59 PM
  • Price: $35 – $45
  • Location: East & West Mission Bay
  • For more info.:  contact Laurel McFarlane @ 619.233.5008 or visit


February 18 – 19, Chinese New Year Celebration – Year of the Sheep

It’s the Year of the Sheep! A celebration of the Chinese New Year will take place in the late evening to early morning in the Mid-City area of San Diego. The celebration presents traditional Chinese music, good cheer, and the flash and crackle of fireworks and a performance of the Dragon Dance.

  • Time: 11:00 PM – 2:00 AM
  • Location: Indo-Chinese Association of San Diego
  • For more info.:  contact Stanley Ting @ 619.717.7062


February 20, Rock in the Park – Venice

Venice’s trademarks are incredible harmonies, personal lyrics and high-energy shows. Their sound is at once familiar and fresh, their classic rock and folk influences apparent in their pop sensibilities.

  • Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Price: In Advance – $24 – $27 At the Door – $32
  • Location: 1875 El Prado Balboa Park
  • For more info.:  call 619.238.1233 or visit


February 20, San Diego Lunar New Year Tet Festival 3-Day Event 

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, a Vietnamese cultural festival will take place to showcase homeland traditions. Come and experience ancestral rituals and Vietnamese dance and music performances. You can also shop for merchandise, stop for lunch, and watch a firecracker show.

  • Time: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Location: Mira Mesa Community Park (8575 New Salem St.)
  • For more info.:  contact Jake Pham @ 858.231.7508 or visit


February 21, The 12th Annual Guacamole Bowl 

Who Makes The Best Guacamole? The Guacamole Bowl is open to the Public who are invited to come out and sample all the great Guacamole. A $5 admission fee will get you a bag of Mission Tortilla Chips and all the Guacamole you can eat. You will also have the opportunity to vote for your favorite recipe and select the finalists in each division.

  • Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Price: $5 admission
  • Location: Balboa Park Club – 2150 Pan American Rd. West
  • For more info.:  visit


February 22, Mardi Gras Race

With a Mardi Gras theme, this athletic event offers a family friendly 15K, 5K, and a Kids Dash. All finishers who complete the course will get a medal! Participants are sure to enjoy the ocean views along the flat paved course.


February 27, ScholarShare’s Toddler Time: Finger Paint Friday

Leave your mark on the heart of a loved-one! Get messy designing a Valentine’s-themed artwork.

  • Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Price: $5 admission
  • Location: 200 W Island Ave., San Diego, CA 92101
  • For more info.:  call 619.233.8792 or visit


February 27 – March 15, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

When the four Pevensie children stumble upon an old wardrobe, little do they know, that they will discover the magical world of Narnia. Full of mystical creatures, talking animals, and great escapes, this action-packed story by C.S Lewis depicts the triumph of Aslan, the great lion and ruler of Narnia, over the White Witch. Join the adventure as four brave kids, one great lion, and an entire kingdom fight for what is right.

  • Time: 7:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Price: $11 – $15
  • Location: 1650 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101
  • For more info.:  call 619.239.8355 or visit


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