Housing Industry Riding Coat Tails of Surging Job Market

Where the job market goes, the housing industry follows. And with the economy continuing to hum, both sectors are surging further upward in the new year, according to economists from two companies who would know: realtor.com® and job search site indeed.com.

“The news is good. Employers are looking at 2016 as being quite strong,” said Tara Sinclair, the chief economist for indeed.com, during a joint press briefing in Washington, DC, with realtor.com® chief economist Jonathan Smoke.

Both laid out predictions for another year of steady home sales and job growth, particularly in the country’s largest urban centers. New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as well as the high-tech hubs of the San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Seattle, and Austin, all had strong employment gains—and, not at all coincidentally, some of the country’s busiest real estate markets.

It’s a simple equation: Hot job markets attract job seekers, and job seekers need a place to live … read more —>  http://www.realtor.com/news/trends


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